Re: A spreadsheet to choose English wines for daughters wedding

We recently received this lovely summary of a tasting for potential wedding wines:

Having initially 'found' Blackdown Ridge at a local food & drink festival this summer, my daughter and I visited the vineyard in our quest to draw up a shortlist of English wines for her wedding. This was effectively our last vineyard, having visited several, and sampled many more wines of all types.
Despite warnings of being difficult to find, we arrived at the font door without doing any about-turns....and proceeded to have the most enjoyable tasting, in an exquisite, homely environment. For a small vineyard, their entire range is superb, and we were privileged to sample the new wines, including the very first bottle opened of the new sparkling rose. All are, in my humble opinion, destined to be multiple award-winners. The red, despite it's youth, is possibly the most robust, full-flavoured red we've tasted, while the sauvignon (quite unique in this country) certainly gives that grape a new and exciting twist.
We came away with a bottle of everything for the wedding shortlist, and I'm sure one or more will see a permanent place in my storage cabinet....

Thanks again, Lucinda, for a fabulous ending to our quest.....
Best wishes, Rob