You have reached the exciting stage of choosing your wines to share with your family and friends as you celebrate your wedding.

In our experience we suggest that you budget for two to three glasses of wine per guest to enjoy during the meal with a 50/50% split of reds and whites (maybe 60/40% white for a summer wedding and 60/40% red for a winter wedding). We are happy to consider your menu and your wine choices with you. The price of any sample bottles you would like to try will be discounted from your final order.

Assuming on 100 guests you can average one glass per gust per hour giving a rough guide of:

Welcome drinks x 2 per person = 40 bottles

Wine for the table = 30 red and 30 white

Wine for the toast = 20 bottles

Typically you will get four to five glasses from a bottle of still wine and 6 glasses out of a bottle of bubbly.

Any unopened bottles you have at the end of the day, you can return to us at Blackdown Ridge for that extra added peace of mind (up to 25% of your order).

Most couples are keen to tick their wine order off the list as soon as possible, we can hold your pre-paid order free of charge until a delivery date of your choice.

Two good rules with wedding wines - firstly, don't choose something too heavy or distinctive, and secondly, if you like it it's right!

I think you will agree that the Blackdown Ridge feather branding will complement any wedding venue beautifully. We can also arrange personalised labels for your wedding at £3 per bottle. 


To book your personal appointment to discuss your needs and to discuss our special wedding discounts contact Lucinda on 01428 656003